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Shuka, also known as Sage Sugar, is a revered sage in Hinduism, mentioned in the scripture Bhagavata Purana. Born to the sage Vyasa, Shuka plays a significant role in reciting the Bhagavata Purana to King Parikshit during his final days. Renouncing the world in pursuit of moksha (liberation), Shuka, depicted as a sanyasi, imparts his profound spiritual insights and predictions to guide humanity toward salvation or 'Moksha.'

Sage Sugar, endowed with immense spiritual power, has foretold the life cycles of humanity, encompassing their past, present, and future. These predictions, known as Sugar Nadi Jothidam Astrology, are inscribed on palm leaves in India. Sugar Nadi offers in-depth analyses, clear understandings, and predictions based on an individual's thumb impression. The practice of Sugar Nadi Jothidam Astrology continues to be embraced by Nadi astrologers and readers in India, bringing happiness and peace to many lives.

According to the Hindu epic Mahabharata, Shuka emerged after a hundred years of Vyasa's austerity, born with ascetic power and the Vedas dwelling within him. The birth of Shuka is narrated differently in texts like the Devi Bhagavata Purana, where Vyasa's semen gives rise to Shuka in the presence of an apsara named Ghritachi, assuming the form of a parrot.

The Mahabharata recounts Shuka's training under King Janaka, a Jivanmukta, or one liberated while still in a body. Shuka, who surpassed his father in spiritual attainment, questioned Janaka about the path to liberation. Janaka, recognizing Shuka's advanced realization, advised him that the traditional progression through the four ashramas, including the householder stage, was unnecessary for him.

Legends also tell of an encounter where Shuka's purity allowed him to move freely among celestial nymphs without causing distraction. Even when naked, Shuka's presence did not disturb the nymphs, contrasting with their modesty in the presence of his father, Vyasa. Shuka, often depicted wandering naked, symbolizes his complete lack of self-consciousness.

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