Saptarishi Nadi: Ancient Astrological Manuscripts

Saptarishi Nadi, a collection of ancient Tamil manuscripts, provides unique insights into astrology through the recorded discussions between Parvati Devi, the consort of Lord Shiva, and the seven sages (saptarishis). These conversations, available in palm manuscripts across Tamilnadu, cover horoscope interpretations in poetic form. The manuscripts were later collected and published by the Government Oriental Manuscripts Library in Madras.

What Saptarishi Nadi Reveals

The sages in Saptarishi Nadi begin by describing the planetary positions at the time of a person's birth. They proceed to declare the gender, place of birth, timing and location of marriage, as well as details about the individual's parents, siblings, spouse, and children. Remarkably, the sages even predict the timing of the deaths of parents, spouses, and the individual (jataka). The revelations extend to past and future lives, providing a comprehensive view.

Sages of Saptarishi Nadi

The first collection, focused on Aries ascendant, mentions sages such as Agasthiyar, Athiri, Jayamuni, Bhrigu, Kaushikar, Parasar, Virudhar, Bhuyandar, and Naradhar. Despite more than seven names being cited, the verses clarify that it is the saptarishis who engage in discussions with Parvati Devi. Other sages may have been present, seeking clarification on their doubts, hence being mentioned in the verses.

Phenomenon of Saptarishi Nadi

Saptarishi Nadi presents the saptarishis as authorities in astrology, demonstrating the art of astrological prediction themselves. The sages refer to a book called "Jataka Suruthi" during their discussions, which serves as a rule book for their predictions. Unfortunately, this book is unknown, leaving many intrigued individuals desiring a copy.

The unique aspect of Saptarishi Nadi lies in its explanations of the basis for predictions. In cases of disagreements among the sages, they present various astrological rules and exceptions to support their opinions, providing reasons for specific predictions. Consequently, the entire text becomes a valuable resource for learning astrology as practiced by the sages.

In conclusion, Saptarishi Nadi offers a distinctive perspective on astrology, combining real-life examples with the wisdom of the saptarishis, making it a valuable resource for those interested in the ancient art of horoscope interpretation.

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